It's not the same without you

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Chapter 139;

~The next morning~

Laura's POV

I woke up very early but I went back to sleep . I woke up again to get ready . I look at myself in the mirror I noticed my eyes were really red & puffy but I didn't care I was trying to open the door to get out of my room until I see Ross sleeping their . he heard me & woke up

Ross;Hey Laura

Laura;*stays quiet*

Ross;Laura please talk to me I'm begging you

Laura;I don't talk to jerks like you

Ross;I know I've been a jerk but please listen to me

Laura;No leave me alone .

Ross;Okay I will just know everything is not the same without you

Laura;Not my problem you were the one that broke up with me in the first place

{Riker walks in}

Riker;Ross just leave her alone can't you see you've hurt her enough already . Vanessa told you to stay away from her .

Ross;I can't

Riker;Dude just listen

*Laura leaves*

Ross;Riker I just wanted to talk to her . I really like her

Riker;Really cause last time I heard is that you still like my fiancé .

Ross;I do but my heart belongs to Laura

Riker;If it really did you wouldn't have hurt her the way you did . think about it Ross the 1st time you guys broke up was cause of Anna & that was your mistake . 2nd time was cause you thought that Laura & I were a "thing" . now this? really Ross ? you gotta think of what you did that girl is crazy for you . you just let her go .

Ross;I know I've mest up . I didn't realize how much i have hurt her . it's hard I'm not ready for love. I'm a jerk .

Riker;Yeah you are well I'm going downstairs to see how Laura's doing


*Riker heads downstairs*

Laura;Oh hey Riker

Riker;Hey. When do you have your doctors appointment ?


Riker;Okay I'll take you so don't worry

Laura;Thanks Riker

Riker;No problem . So I saw that Ross slept in front of your door..

Laura;Yeah .*sad*

Riker;Laura don't be sad Ross lost you it's his loss he didn't realize what he had until he let go . you have to prove to him that you don't need him , we know he likes Vanessa but I know he loves you

Laura;I'm not even sure about that because it's seems to me that he's only using me to get over Vanessa you know? but I think it's for the best that him & I are over. This is reality not a fairy tale

Riker;he does like you ,but I have the same feeling that he's using you . that's his choice & if he decided to take that decision well we can't do nothing about it .

Laura;I know Riker *tears start rolling down her check*

Riker;*wipes her tears* don't cry laur you've cried enough already & you don't deserve this

Laura;*hugs him*


Seems like Laura isn't taking this well :( .

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