Surprise , Surprise

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Chapter 196;

Few Moments Later

Laura;Mark I mean dad ryland called Rydel saying that their going to be here any minute

Mark;Okay thanks let me go tell the rest are you guys ready?

Rydel;I am I don't know about the guys

Rocky;I'm ready

Riker;So am I . Laura ?

Laura;Hey I was done first

Stormie;Okay we're done in time

Mark;Okay now we have to wait

Stormie;Yeah . Ryland texted me saying that their here

Laura & Rydel;That was quick

Riker;I know

Ratliff , Ryland , & Ross go in

Ross;Where is everyone ?

Ratliff;I don't know let's check the backyard



They head to the backyard


Ross;Oh my god you guys !

Riker;Haha you sounded like a girl

Ross;Thanks guys *hugs stormie & mark*

Stormie;No problem honey you know we love you

Ross;& I love you guys too more than anything well of course I love Laura too


Rydel;Let's get this started

Mark;Okay let's get eat

They served their food

Rocky;Ry ry care to play some music ?

Ryland; way ahead of you *puts on music*


Ross;Yeah ?

Rydel;Do it

Laura;Do what ?

Riker;The plan

Ross;Oh yeah *looks around* okay Umm

Stormie;You wanna say something?


Mark;okay pay attention to what your brother has to say .

Ryland;*plays my heart will go on*

Ross;Okay . *takes a deep breathe* For starters thank you mom & dad for this day . Thank you for bringing me into this world I know I can be a pain in the ass but you guys still deal with me. Okay now Laura I know we met not so long ago . You & I are going to raise a family now . I just wanted to let you know that I will always love you no matter how far or close we are . I as a guy will respect you & be their for you when your giving birth to our son or daughter . Your giving the best gift anyone could get & that's a child . you've taught me from the best . from right & wrong . Now I want to give you the best life from here till eternity . you changed my life upside down in a good way if it weren't for you I would've probably not been here right now In this position I as Ross lynch promise to take you In my heart everywhere I go. I know we've had rough times were it took it to the point were I was a jerk . I regret everything I've said when we argued. . I now learned from my mistakes & I think im ready to take this path with you . *gets in one knee* Laura Marie Marano I promise to love you every second of my existence will you do me the honor of marrying me?

Laura;Ross *tears in her eyes* 1 million times yes


Ross;*gets up & puts the ring on her finger* I love you

Laura;I love you too *kisses him*

Riker;So cute

Stormie;My baby is growing up

Mark;You guys will raise a beautiful family

Rocky;Now we have to see when Ratliff proposes


Rydel;I hope so *pecks his cheeck*

Ryland;Congrats guys

Ross & Laura;Thanks


Awe Laura said yes (':

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