I'm glad

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Chapter 259;


Riker;This is kinda hard but your the only girl that makes me happy & I don't know what I'd do with out you the girl I choose is you Vanessa I want to be with you . you understand me more , im really into you I swear if you take me back things won't go back to the way they were Vanessa you mean everything to me

Vanessa;so what are you trying to say ?

Riker;*kisses her* I'm trying to say that I want to be with you


Riker;Yes more than anything

Vanessa;So do I

Riker;So are we official ?

Vanessa;Does this answer your question ? *kisses him*

Riker;Yes it does

Vanessa;I have a question

Riker;what is it?

Vanessa;What Are you gonna do about the other girl ?

Riker;I'll just tell her that I need time that I'm not interested right now here I'll text her

The text ;

Riker;Hey Kate I wanted to say that I need time , I'm really into Vanessa .well you'd understand its hard for me because Vanessa has been my first love. so I need time to get my thoughts straight


Kate;It's okay I understand no need to worry ,I hope you get what you want & I know that's Vanessa . I knew from the start that we weren't meant to be . It's okay as long as your happy I'm happy best of luck to you Riker I'll miss you bye 💘.


Riker;Well their lets go tell laura & ross .


They head downstairs

Ross;hey guys


Laura;Wow you guys seem happy why is that ?

Riker;Cause we're back together .



Ross;Congrats !

Laura;I'm glad . Hope you guys last !

Ross;Same wish you the best of luck

Vanessa;Thanks guys

Riker;Thanks for making me think twice before I did my decision

Laura;No problem

Riker;by the way ross i don't want you kissing her .

Ross;I won't trust cause I have my own , & she's amazing *kisses laura*

Laura;Where are you going to be staying?

Vanessa;A hotel

Laura;Oh why don't you just stay here? I mean you can sleep with Riker or a guest room

Vanessa;Thanks laur , I'll sleep with Riker

Riker;Yes ! But we're gonna go visit Rydel , is that fine with you?


Ross;You be careful okay?

Laura;Here's an extra key in case


Ross;Okay bye .

They head to the hospital

Ratliff;How you feeling?

Rydel;Good . I'm just a bit tired again

Ratliff;Take a nap.

Rydel;But I want to be with Rosalie

Ratliff;it's okay I got her

Riker walks in along with Vanessa

Riker;hey guys


Rydel;what is she doing here?

Riker;Oh we got back together

Rydel;Are you serious ? i don't want her near you ,don't you know how much pain she's caused to you?

Ratliff;Hey chill babe ,it's okay

Riker;Why don't you like her ? don't you want me to be happy?

Rydel;I just don't because she's hurt you to much & always came with her bullshit . Riker I'm only doing it for your safety

Riker;No Rydel if you can't except Vanessa then your loosing me as a brother *mad*bye ! lets go ness


Ohhh what happened ? Let's see what happens next .

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