Raura;Fun day

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Chapter 13;

Riker;Rydel ! what are you doing !

Rydel;*gets red* ummm ...

Ratliff;Riker calm down I kissed her & well I like your sister

Riker;So are you guys dating

Ratliff;I don't know...

Rydel;Yes were dating

Riker;Congrats ! Just take care of her Ratliff or you won't see the next sunrise !


(Rocky's POV; I was walking back to the food court with the rest I bought shoes , jeans , & shirts also new beats)

Ross; Well let's get going

Laura;Well get some bags silly

Ross;oh yeah right damn Laur why did you get a lot of stuff?

Laura;Umm Ross most of this is yours I only went in 3 stores

Ross;Oh yeah

Laura;Your so dumb but still cute

Ross;of course

Laura;Let's just go cause the rest are probably waiting already

-They walked until Ross bumped into someone-

Ross; Watch where your

Rocky;Dude what the hell

Ross;oh it's you Rocky

Rocky;Hey you guys are heading back or what?


Rocky:Why are & Laura holding hands?

Laura;Cause were together

Rocky;*fangirling* omg really?


Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!