Tuxedo Shopping

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Chapter 359;

(In the tuxedo store)

Mark;Okay ross you go look for your tux . We will look for ours

Ross;One thing


Ross;Make sure to get different kinds

Rocky;Okay . wait why?

Ross;Do you guys want to wear the same thing ? I'm pretty sure Laura got the bridesmaids dresses the same color so for everyone not to get confused you all get different tuxes

Mark;Okay it is your brothers wedding you do as he tells you to do

Ryland;Gee now we have to follow Ross's orders

Rocky;Dude really don't make this harder it is his wedding .Lets just see what we can do .

Ratliff;Okay well I'm gonna start looking (leaves to look around)

Mark;Okay Ross I'll be out here with you I'll look after Ryder.

Ross;Thanks dad .

Mark;No problem . (sits on a chair)

Ross;(looking at the tuxes) should it be black?

Mark;Whatever you'd like it's your choice

Ross;Well I mean every wedding the guys is black so I'm just gonna go with a grey one

Mark;Sounds good

Ross;(looking) dad you know what?


Ross;Can you call the others I don't want to make things more complicated lets just get them all the same tuxedo

Mark;okay . (gets up & starts looking for the others)

Man;Hello their do you need any help?

Ross;mm Yeah what do you recommend more a black tux or a grey tux

Man;What would you like it for?

Ross;My wedding

Man;Well my recommendation would be a black one

Ross;Okay black it is . can I see this one ? (Points to the tux)

Man;yes you may . (gets the tux & gives it to ross)

Mark;okay their here

Riker;You changed your mind?

Ross;Yes I did . Im gonna need all of you too look for the one you all like

Ratliff;That shouldn't be too hard

Ross;Okay well I'm gonna go try this one on I'll be back . (goes in the fitting room)

Rocky;So what kind should we get ?


Ratliff;Yeah I'm with ryland

Mark;Earlier I saw this black tux I don't know if you guys would like it though

Riker;Okay right now we'll see

(4 minutes later)

Ross;What do you think?

Ryland;It looks good

Rocky;Yeah it does

Riker;I like it

Ross;Okay so I'll take this one .

Ross gets his tux . He waited for the others to get their tux . when they did he got ryders tux they paid for everything & left

Oh my god ross is turning 19 tomorrow 😭. I'm not ready . More pictures on Instagram which is rauraiwillalwaysloveyou make sure to check it out if you want

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