No Sign

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Chapter 228;

Rydel;Okay so let's go I got my coat you guys ready?


Rocky;Let's keep our fingers crossed & if we don't find him were gonna have to tell parents

Ratliff;Yeah let's go

Laura;Wait do you guys think he's at Madison's ?

Riker;I doubt it .

Rydel;Okay well let's go .

They Leave. They Looked through the park asked people if they've seen him . No one knew where ross was at . Rydel started to get Worried but remembered to calm down bcause of the baby . Riker broke down into tears because he thought it was his fault ross left . Laura was broke because she needed ross more than ever. Ratliff was worried . Rocky cried into Rydel's shoulder They kept looking but No Sign . They Decided to go back home .

Ross's POV

Technically I got to my hideout it's Southgate park their was a little abandon house . I got my stuff started organizing . Dang this place is still the same . I came here like 2x because I ran away from home. this is my 3rd time . as I started to clean I realized I had no food so I put on my hoodie & my sunglasses so no one would notice me . I left to the store & came back I at least bought stuff I needed to survive .I went to sleep Because I was tired .

At home with the others

Riker;well guys it's time to call parents

Rocky;Okay I'll do it I'll be back


Riker;This is all my fault .

Laura;Don't blame yourself nothing is your fault

Rydel;He'll be back guys lets just think positive .

Rocky;Okay I contacted mom & dad they'll be here tomorrow . They said our aunt is being taken care of already so that's why their coming back

Riker;Okay I'm going to sleep goodnight guys

Rydel;So am I

Ratliff;Okay well I'm going to sleep night


Laura;I guess I'm going to sleep too ..... Night

Laura's POV

I went up to ross's room I showered quickly luckily I had Ross's shirt I decided to sleep in it . I got my pillow & hugged it . I cried into it & I started to think of all the good times ross & I had . well I just hope he's okay . please god make sure ross is okay I really need him . He's my life . I cried myself to sleep

The Next Morning

Riker's POV

I got up early to make food . I saw mom & dad I decided to tell them what happened so they got worried I started to cry again but they told me not to bcause nothing was my fault that didn't make me feel better bcause I knew it was my fault . ryland pretty much comforted me as I knew he was crying to how can things like this happen so fast?

Rydel;Morning guys


Mark;Well guys family meeting come downstairs anyone know where Laura is?

Rocky;I think she's still sleeping


Stormie;Speaking of Laura she's right here

Laura;Hey guys

Ryland;I thought you were sleeping

Laura;I was ,but I got up bcause I feel sick to my stomach

Stormie;It's probably because you miss ross or you ate something that wasn't good .

Rydel;Yeah well okay dad everyone's here

Mark;Okay so we all know ross is missing R5 family can't know don't post nothing on Instagram or Twitter . Why? bcause if they find out it's gonna be a mess . Okay 2nd of all let's give it time we will look for ross if we can't find him then theirs no other option to leave it alone . . . I know he's family & family never gives up on each other but remember he will come back if it's not sooner it's later . We will miss him but like his letter said he needs time

Rydel;But dad we need ross without him this is no family !

Stormie;Sweetie calm down it's not good for your baby

Riker;Okay guys well let's hope for the best


Ratliff;I'm sure he's okay like your dad said he maybe needs time ..


Ryland;Let's be positive & just keep him in our prayers so he can be good


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