Is It True?

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Chapter 290;

Ross:Lier ! I did not have sex with you

Hope;C'mon ross you know you did your just lying because laura is here

Laura;Is it true?

Hope;Yes it is , he just doesn't want to admit it

Riker;Okay enough what really happened ross ?

Ross;Nothing happened between her & I , I stayed at her house but I slept in the family room . I was going to stay in her room because she has 2 beds because of her brother but he was at his girlfriends house . Look guys the reason why I slept in the family room was because she tried to kiss me. I didn't let her I pushed her off & told her no

Hope;Oh cmon don't lie to them you know what truly happened last night .

Vanessa;Okay ross wouldn't go that far , yes he's kissed other girls while he was with laura but have sexual relationships with them I don't think so .

Rydel;My brother isn't like that yes he was stupid to leave with you yesterday & ditch his fiancé but he wouldn't want nothing with you .

Hope;You guys are pathetic believing him when he knows the actual truth

Riker;Oh really ? If your really pregnant with his baby , where's the pregnancy test ?

Hope;I have it right here *hands it to riker*

Ratliff;How are we so sure it is his ?

Hope;It is his , look believe me if you want but your brother is the father of my baby

Lizbeth;Are you sure ? I doubt ross would be capable of having sex with another girl while he's having a baby with laura

Hope;Well sucks for her cause ross last night told me he loved me

Ross;That's not true Hope ! You know it's not why are you trying to make me look bad in front of all of them ?

Hope;I'm not

Laura;Whatever , bye guys I'm out of here

Ross;Laura please I can explain

Laura;Aren't you having a new family ?

Ross:Trust me I'm not the father of that child ! Wait a minute Hope


Ross;Didnt you tell me you had a boyfriend ?


Ross;Yes when we were at the park you said you had a boyfriend .

Hope;I don't

Ross;Yes you do . Don't lie you specifically told me that you had a boyfriend & that you would never trade him for no one. So that baby isn't mine it's your boyfriends

Hope;whatever Shor you know it's yours but I'm not gonna waist my time trying to make you realize that this baby is yours *leaves*

Will laura now forgive ross ?

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