Time To Go

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Guys I'm freaking out I'm finally going to an R5 concert tomorrow 😭😭. I'm so excited 😭♥️.


Chapter 216;

Ross;Okay so what now

Mark;Okay I bought the tickets where leaving at 6 in the morning


Doctor walks in

Doctor;Hello mr. & mrs. lynch I came to tell you that Rydel & Ellington can leave right now just be careful with Ellington if his stomach starts hurting real bad bring him back . with Rydel well give her pills so she can be good only give them to her when her cuts start to burn or hurt

Stormie;Okay thanks doctor

Doctor;No problem have a good day

The doctor leaves

Laura;Okay well let's get going we still have to pack

Rocky;Get ready well wait in the truck

Ratliff;What clothes do we put on ?

Riker;The same one c'mon guys we don't have all day

Rydel;Okay pushy .

They get ready & head home

Riker;How long are we going to stay ?

Mark;How long do you guys want to stay

Ryland walks in

Ryland;oh you guys are back ?


Ross;I thought you stayed over with your friends

Ryland;Nah I didn't feel like it I decided to come back

Stormie;Okay well hurry up ry ry were gonna leave

Ryland;Where ?

Rydel;New York

Ryland;Holy cheese balls really ?


Ryland;So do I start packing ?

Rocky;No Ryland don't pack were just gonna stay one night over in New York

Ryland;Wow Rocky just wow

Ratliff;Well stop asking stupid questions dude just pack we're leaving at 6 in the morning

Ryland;Okay grumpy

Mark;Let's get going Laura would you like to tell us what to pack cause we don't know how the weather will be

Laura;Okay pack warm clothes cause it's really cold right now

Stormie;Okay thanks sweet heart

Laura;Rydel I recommend you too take really warm clothes so you won't get sick

Rydel;Okay thanks laur

Ross;Wow you really care so much for her

Laura;yeah she's more like a sister

Ross;awe c'mon let's get packing

They pack & get ready for bed

Ross;You ready to see your family again ?

Laura;Yeah I'm really happy it's been a while

Ross;Okay sweetheart get in bed were leaving early tomorrow

Laura;Okay goodnight

Ross;Wait Laura one more question

Laura;What is it ?

Ross;Do you like Riker ?

Laura;No cause I only like you

Ross;Okay now we can go to sleep love you goodnight *pecks her cheek*

The next morning

Stormie;C'mon guys hurry let's go

Riker;Finally I'm seeing Vanessa again

Rocky;I just hope to find a girlfriend . Laura are their cute girls in New York ?

Laura;Yes you good ball let's go

Ross;Time to go !

They head to the airport

Lady;Flight 306 your airplane will aboard in 15 I repeat in 15 minuets

Riker;Hurry guys c'mon

Ross;Hold up Riker

Stormie;Okay c'mon guys

Mark;Stay in one line hurry

Rocky;This is gonna be fun .

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