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Chapter 174;

Rydel;Well you should go apologize to her .

Ross;Okay. I'll be back .


~Ross heads to Laura's Room~


Laura;Come in


Laura;Oh hey

Ross;What are you up to?

Laura;Nothing I just came out of the shower I was gonna take a nap

Ross;Oh mind if I join ?

Laura;The only reason your talking to me is because you found out Riker & I broke up right?

Ross;No I wanted to apologize because I felt bad for being a jerk .

Laura;Your always a jerk that's nothing new •laughs•

Ross;*chuckles* yeah I know .

Laura;I forgive you .


Laura;Yeah . we could give it another shot to be friends again

Ross;Okay cool

Laura;So you still wanna join ?


Laura;You don't look bad in sweats Ross

Ross;Haha I'll take that as a compliment


•They lay down•

Ross;Laura ?

Laura;Yeah ross?

Ross;I - I *stutters* never mind


~With that they fall asleep~

•Few moments later Rydel walks in•

Rydel;*whispers to herself* awe these 2 are so cute . *she takes a picture*

{Rydel Goes in her room & Posts the picture on Instagram}

-Caption - Awe the 2 best friends fell asleep @rossr5 .

<Few moments later she read some comments>

@r5familyrocks: Omg that girl is so pretty.

@Rosssbae:She better stay away from Ross !

@R5_is_awesome__:They make a cute couple

@R5aremysaviours__:That girl is pretty does anyone know her name?

@R5rocks;When are you gonna start tour again ?? & Ross better stay away from that girl !

Rydels POV

Wow we have some crazy fans but we still love them . well I don't know when I'll tell them the news about me being pregnant . well I guess it should be sooner & I feel bad for ruining the tour . theirs always next year though . I'm just glad that I'll be able to raise my own family & especially with the guy I'm deeply in love with Ellington Lee Ratliff .

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