Time Passed

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Chapter 230;

Laura's POV

It's been officially 5 months already . Still no sign of ross . Sadly well I've had Riker help me throughout my pregnancy . Well turns out Rydel got her pregnancy timing wrong Shes officially 7 months of being pregnant she's having a baby girl . I went to do my pregnancy ultra sounds & well I'm having a boy . I'm 5 months already . It's been 5 months without ross . No sign nothing . not even a word mention about him

Ross's POV ;

I finally decided to go home today . I hope to be accepted I finished packing my bag . I got my house keys . I started to walk . I took a water bottle cause it was gonna be a Maybe 3 to 4 hour walk .

Riker;Guys I'm so bored !

Laura;so am I

Rydel;Ratliff give me your hand the baby is kicking .

Laura;awe !!!

Ratliff;Oh my god it's the 3rd time how exciting !

Rocky;Guys It's boring !

Ryland;You all want to make home made ice cream ?

Laura;Count me in

Riker;Of course you Guys are gonna want to let's go

Rocky;Parents are taking forever to come with the food !

Rydel;Not even me & Laura ! & were the pregnant ones !

Ryland:So true !

Riker;Okay well let's get the plates

They hear the door open

Riker;Parents are here !!!

Ryland;Last one their sucks ass !

Rocky;Wow ryland haha

They all rush except Laura to the family room

Rydel;No way ...

Riker;Oh my god ...

Rocky;Is that you?



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