Raura;Anna's POV

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Chapter 72;

Anna's POV

I had to get Ross back ! I don't want him dating Laura I need to separate them ! but how? why did he choose her over me ?! I mean I'm better . ugh I just dislike her so much ! she's so ugly ! I really need Ross I know I sound desperate but he was mine first until Laura came , but I can't do this dirty job on my own I need help ! I'll go take a walk to meet a person to at least help me break them up ! why is this so hard? Wait a minute Laura had an ex named Adam who lives 4 houses down from them what if I get him to help me ! I'm such a genius ! I just gotta go tomorrow to talk to him so he can help me on this because I know he still has feelings for Laura for sure he'll want to help me on this . What if he says no & tells Laura that I'm after her & Ross. I don't think he'll say no though he's gotta say yes . well I have to go think of my plan now >:) Laura's going to get the surprise of her life !!!


What do you think Anna's plan is ? Stay tuned for the next chapter :D love you ♥️. Thanks for reading my book !!

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