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Chapter 90;

Police;Joshua & Anna you are under arrest


Police;You hit Laura in the head & Anna shot the relative .

Anna;That's so unfair !

Police;How is it unfair ? you shot a girl.

Anna;I hate you Lynch's

Ross;Go rot in jail !

Stormie;Thanks officer

Police;No problem Mrs.Lynch thanks for calling were at your services seems like these 2 relatives have planed this.

Mark;Wait their related ??

Police;Yes their cousins .

Laura;what the freak show

Rocky;That's a trip

Ross;Oh my god no wonder

Police;Yes well you 3 should get going

Mark;Good idea thanks let's go to see how Vanessa is doing

Laura;Good idea .

Stormie;Let's get going I'm glad this drama is over !

Rocky;Yeah me too.

*They get in the van & head to the hospital*

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