I Think She's The One

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Chapter 224;

Ross;God dammit !

Ratliff;Dude cmon stop messing around !

Rocky;Guys were loosing ! this is the last game

Laura;I told you guys you weren't a match for Rydel & I

Rydel;Exactly now cmon ross if you miss this one good luck to you boys

Ratliff;Were counting on you ross

Ross;Okay *throws the bowling ball*

Laura;Yeah you missed Rydel & I won woo !!!

Rydel;What I tell you guys !

Rocky;Guys bad news

Ross;What oh no..

Laura;What is she doing here lets go with Riker

Rydel;Wait that's Vanessa right ?

Ratliff;Yes cmon

They head towards Riker

Ross;Hey buddy I think it's time to go

Riker;Why I'm having a great time with Madison though

Ryland comes in

Ryland;Riker I don't think it's a good idea to be here

Riker;Why though ?

Rocky;Were gonna tell you one thing

Laura;Turn around & look towards your right

Riker;*sees Vanessa*oh ... you know what I don't care if she's here she's not gonna ruin my time with Madison . I think she's the one . I've never met any one as sweet as Madison

Madison;Awe Riker .

Rydel;He's back

Ross;Okay we can stay a while more

Riker;okay so do you guys want drinks cause your all sweaty

Ross;Sure go get refills

Riker;& then we play another game

Ryland;Deal !

Ross;Okay Madison wanna join us??

Madison;I don't see why not .

Laura;Okay good !

Ratliff;Who's gonna help Riker with the drinks cause it's 8 of us

Madison;I'll go with him cmon Riker lets go

They start heading to get Drinks

Riker;Okay. May I ?

Madison;May you what ?

Riker;*holds her hand*wow your hands are soft

Madison;Riker ?


Madison;Do you really think I'm the one?

Riker;Yes I just know it

Madison;Awe Riker *bumps into someone* oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't see you their

??;Can you next time watch where your fucking going !

Riker;What the hell it was an accident no need to get butt hurt over it Vanessa

Vanessa;Really ? she made me spill my drink all over my shirt ! next time watch were she goes cause she's pretty much looking at nothing

Riker;Really I'm nothing ? I don't care what you think of me ! say I'm nothing but you once loved me .

Vanessa;I never did . & I never will ! I hate you so much for letting me go !

Madison;Woah hold on here . 1st things off I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump into you & I didn't mean for your drink to spill all over your shirt . 2nd of all why would you talk to him that way ? he's a nice guy !

Vanessa;We all know you like him for the money . Cmon girl you just like him cause he's famous ! You don't care how he feels . I've been with him your gonna get tired of him because he's not a sweet guy ! your just waisting your time on someone you have no chance with !

Madison;Just cause you've been with him doesn't mean you can tell me all this crap ! I don't want Riker for the money or just because he's famous ! I like Riker I'm a fan & trust me if I have a chance with him I will treat him better than you. You pretty much let go of something that's worth anything & you'll regret it . now if you excuse us were not gonna waist our time on a soulless person like you have a great day lets go Riker


Wow Madison stood up to Vanessa ☺️👏. Stay tuned for the next chapter 😄👍.

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