Raura;Getting Ready

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Chapter 24;

Laura & Vanessa;Hey guys were gonna go to our house to get ready we'll be back in like 20 minutes

Rydel;Can I go ?

Laura;Sure just bring your clothes & you'll get ready their

Rydel;Yay alrighty then

*Goes up stairs gets her clothes & Goes with The Maranos to their house*

-With the Lynch's-

Rocky;What should I wear ?

Riker;umm i don't know

Ross;Okay wear your white LA shirt with black jeans & your converse

Rocky;Good call !

Ross;No problem

-With the girls-

Rydel;What are you wearing Laura?

Laura;My white crop top with black shorts & my converse with my hair curled

Rydel;Cuteee ! What about you Vanessa ?

Vanessa;Black crop top with my white jeans & black heels

Rydel;your going to look hot for Riker !

Vanessa;What about you ?

Rydel;My baby blue dress with white heels

Vanessa;How cute !

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