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Chapter 250;

Ross;Okay ratliff get Rydel down hurry

Rydel;Oh my god guys hurry up I'm dying here *breathing heavily*

Laura;Relax were getting you down now Rocky help ratliff out

Ryland;Okay guys Cmon hurry Rydel can't hold it that long

They Rush In The Hospital

Doctor;Hi what's going on here ?

Ratliff;My fiancé is going into labor please hurry she can't resist the pain

Doctor;Okay nurse rush her into a room !

Nurse;Okay . Are you the father ?

Ross;Who me?


Ross;No she's my sister that's the father

Nurse;Okay Cmon your going in


They Leave

Ross;Oh my god what's taking mom & dad so long

Rocky;Chill they'll be here

Riker;yeah okay guys I'm excited

Ryland;Yeah but isn't she early?

Laura;I don't know cause her belly is huge

Riker;Yes it is

Ross;I agree

Stormie;Hi guys okay I'm here were are Ratliff & Rydel ?

Ross;In a room they took them

Mark;Okay did they tell you where. ?


Ratliff walks in

Ratliff;Hey mark , stormie , Rydel is actually going into birth . she's not early I'm guessing she got her pregnancy timing wrong again . Anyways Rydel wants us to go in with her so hurry lets go

Stormie;OMSTARS lets go Mark hurry

Mark;Okay we'll be out in a few guys


Rocky;btw guys we got invited to a pool party tomorrow

Riker;I'm not going I'm gonna hang out with the girl I was telling you guys about

Ross;You know we can't go

Rocky;Awe Man

Ryland;I'll go with you don't trip bro

Rocky;Okay then .

With Rydel

Nurse;Okay sweetie the doctor will tell you when to push got it ?

Rydel;Got it

Mark;You'll do great sweetie

Rydel;Thanks dad

Stormie;Well be here through your side so Ratliff hold one of her hands

Ratliff;Okay sweetie your gonna do Great I believe in you

Rydel;Thanks sweet heart

Doctor;Lets get started okay ? in the count of 3 you push . ready ?

Rydel;*pushes & screams* ahh oh my god it hurts so much

Doctor;Your doing great okay Cmon ready ? nurse clean off her sweat .

Nurse;Okay you just have a few more pushes to go

Doctor;Okay here go ready?

Rydel;*pushes again*

Doctor;Okay cmon ready

Rydel;*pushes* Ahhh

Doctor;I see the head of the baby Cmon Rydel just one more push

Rydel;*breaths in & out*okay *pushes for the last time*

Doctor;Okay Rydel your good nurse start cleaning the baby .okay? congrats Rydel you had a baby girl

Ratliff;Oh my god you did it Delly I told you *kisses her*

Mark;You did great honey

Stormie;Awe your baby girl is so precious

Nurse;Okay here you go Rydel congrats *hands the baby*

Rydel;Welcome to the world Rosalie . hi baby I'm your mommy & this is your Daddy we love you so much

Stormie;Smile *takes a picture & posts on Instagram*

Caption; welcome to the world Rosalie melody Ratliff 😘. Congrats to my baby girl & ellington ☺️💗.

Mark;I'll call the rest



Rydel finally gave birth ☺️

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