He Didn't Forget

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Chapter 284;

The Next Morning

Rydel;Goodmorning guys

EveryOne;Good morning

Ross;Oh laura later on im taking you on a date since it's our anniversary

Vanessa;awe how cute

Riker;Give her a specific time boy

Rocky;I agree with Riker

Ross:Okay fine at 5 were leaving

Riker;Their you go buddy


Vanessa;What are you all doing today beside ross & laura , of course .

Rydel;Well ellington & I are taking Rosalie for a walk at the park .

Riker;Vanessa & I are going to start seeing about our wedding .

Rocky;awe so cute & well I'm gonna well I don't know if I should tell you guys

Laura;Tell us Cmon

Rocky;Okay fine I'm gonna propose to Lilly

Vanessa;how cute do you have the ring ?


Riker;Oh yeah you got it when I got the ring for Vanessa

Ross;Oh yeah huh


Ryland;Well I'm taking savannah to Olive Garden today

Ratliff;Well seems like everyone's got a plan for today

Ross;Which is good

Knock At The Door

Riker;are you guys expecting someone.?

Ross;No I don't think so

Rydel;Just open it

Ratliff;I'll do it

Gets Up & opens the door

Ratliff;Hello their

?;hi Umm is ross here

Ratliff;Uh yeah he's here *yells*yo ross their looking for you


Ratliff;I don't know this medium size blonde with green eyes , skinny

Riker;Holy damn Ross ! hope is back !

Ross;No she's not don't lie

Ratliff;So are you coming or not ?

Ross;Yeah hold on

Vanessa;Who's hope ?

Laura;Uhh yeah who's hope ?

Rydel;an old friend of ross she moved to Texas well technically she moved cause she was forced . they knew each other since she was 6 years old .

Laura;Oh that's nice

Ross;*heads towards the door* okay thanks Ratliff. Wait it is you .Hope your back ! *hugs her*

Hope;It's nice too see you again ross !

Ross;How did you find me ?

Hope;Well I went to your old house some neighbors told me you moved so I searched you up & well your here

Ross;haha creepy but okay ! as long as your here

Rocky; *fake coughs* aren't you forgetting someone ?

Ross;oh yeah well now since your in my house i'd like to introduce my fiancé too you . laura this is hope . hope this is laura

Laura;Nice too meet you ..

Hope;Nice meeting you too. Ross so I was hoping that we'd hang out today

Laura;Ross what about our date ?

Ross;We can reschedule that .

Laura;Oh okay ... Delly can I be with you & ratliff ?


Rocky;Well I'm out *leaves*

Riker:Uhh Vanessa lets go

Hope;Who is she?

Ross;Riker's fiancé

Hope;She's really pretty .

Vanessa;thanks I guess

Ross;Were gonna get going . lets go hope . *pecks Lauras lips*ill be back *leaves with hope*


Rydel;He didn't forget , that's all that matters right ?

Laura;No , I just wanted to spend time with him .

Ratliff;So are you gonna go to the park with us ?

Laura;No I think I'll pass

Rydel;You sure ?


Ryland;Well I'm gonna get going , laura if anything text me okay ?

Laura;okay thanks ratliff.

Poor Laura 😪. Hope you enjoyed 😌. stay tuned for the next chapter 💖.

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