Raura;Is that you?

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Chapter 51;

{Ross's POV;I woke up but didn't see the girl I wanted to ... I seriously messed up I do like Laura but I also like Anna I decided to go for a jog}

(Laura's POV;I got up & got ready so I could've gone for a morning jog so it can help me get things off my mind . I decided to leave everyone breakfast on the table)

*Laura jogged & bumped into someone*

Laura;Oh my god I'm sorry *looks up*

???;Sorry i wasn't watching were I was going . No way !!!

Laura;Oh my god is it really you ??

??;Yes it's me your old friend !!

Laura;Oh my god Adam I've missed you *hugs him*

Adam;Me too why are your eyes so red?

Laura;I went through a break up last night well I cried myself to sleep & decided to get things off my mind . Anyways what are you doing here?

Adam;I'm sorry it'll get better & I just moved here yesterday but I decided to come for a jog

Laura;Thanks *smiles* let's just walk

Adam;Okay so who was the guy you broke up with ?

Laura;umm well I moved here about almost a week I guess & I met some neighbors turns out I fell for one of them well it didn't work

Adam;Who's the guy?


Adam;Wow Laura I'm really sor- *bumps into someone* watch were your going man

Ross;What the hell watch it *sees Laura*

Adam;Well umm..

Laura;Adam can we just go ?


Ross;We break up & you decide to get with him?

Laura;No Ross I'm still single think what you want bye

Adam;So that was him ?


Adam;What happened though ? why did y'all break up?

Laura;*tells him what happened* so yeah that's why

Adam;What a jerk you deserve better Laura

Laura;awe thanks would you like to go to my place so you can see Nessa ?

Adam;Sure let's go

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