Fun ruined & Present time

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Chapter 126;

{The girls came down}

Ross;Your going down


Ross;You know you will

Riker;Alright let's get started

Vanessa;Your on

Ross;Whoever gives up looses





{They started their battle}

Riker;Ross go spread out

Ross;On it

Ratliff;It looks like it's gonna rain

Ross;No don't jinx it

*It starts to rain*

Riker;Awe man thanks Ratliff

Ross;Girls let's go it's raining

Laura;Awe man *trips & falls in the pool*

Ross;Laura !!!

Vanessa;*laughing* your a dork Laura

Laura;Hey it's not my fault I tripped

Riker;let's go

Rydel;hurry before one of us gets sick


Riker;Were going


{They all head inside}

Ross;Present time !!!

Laura;Sounds nice

Ross;Who goes first ?

Rydel;Me!!! *hands Laura a box*

Laura;*opens it* omg so cute

{Rydel got Laura a light blue case for her phone along with some diamond earrings & a necklace that says hope}

Riker;my turn *hands her a box*

Laura;This is awesome!!!thank you

Riker;No problem

{Riker gave Laura a leather jacket with her name sowed on it & also gave her a pair of white converse}

Ratliff;Now it's my turn *hands Laura a box*

Laura;*grabs the box & opens it* wow Ratliff this is so nice

{Ratliff gave Laura a Bracelet with her name on it & a red sweater that Rydel picked out }

Vanessa;I'm next *gives Laura the box*

Laura;*Laura opens it & a tear rolls down her face*

Vanessa;awe don't cry we'll see them soon sis

Laura;I just miss them

{Vanessa gave Laura a picture frame of her family together along with some words engraved saying 'Family is forever'}

Ross;Best for last*hands her three boxes

Laura;Wow Ross *laughs & wipes her tear* Ross that's a lot

Ross;open it

Laura;*opens them & is shocked*

{Ross gave Laura a new phone with a diamond ring . Also a heart locket that has her name & in the back it says 'you have my heart'-Ross with a picture of them inside . Also a charm bracelet with a lot of hearts with diamonds but theirs only one gold one}

Laura;Thank you guys so much I couldn't ask for a better day rather with spend it with my family *hugs them*

Everyone;We love you & you deserved it

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!