It's All My Fault

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Chapter 262;

Ross;Do you guys think she accepted his apology ?

Laura;Guys come quick ! look !

News Repoter;It just came in their was a really bad accident recently, their is a person in the car the fighter fighters are trying to get the person out . Polices have surrounded the area .

Ross;That looks like Riker's car

Reporter;As you can see now they finally got the person out , Most of you will be shocked it's Riker Anthony Lynch from R5 . He's in serious conditions . He will be escorted to the nearest hospital

Vanessa;Oh my god .

Ross;Hurry lets go to the hospital.!

Laura;Okay guys hurry but what hospital ?

Ross;It's easy it's where Rydel is ,he's still near their


Ross;Okay get in the car .

They Rush To The Hospital

Riker's POV

All I remember is that truck hitting the way I was all I have is one question , am alive or am I dead ?

Ross;Okay let's go to the counter

Nurse ;How may I help you sir?

Laura;Were looking For Riker lynch

Nurse;Riker is in a serious matter right now ,we don't really have news .He is in the emergency room .

Rydel's POV

As I was looking out side I see a lot of doctors rushing to get a person , I kept looking that person really looked familiar all I see was a blonde life less body wait that looks like Riker .

Ross;I'm going to call mom & dad *dials*

phone convo

Stormie;Hello ?

Ross;Mom !

Stormie;Hey ross

Ross;Mom please get dad

Stormie;What's wrong ross , why are you panicking ? is Laura okay ?

Ross;Laura's fine mom ,but it's Riker he's in the hospital

Stormie;*breaks down crying*Oh god okay we'll be their what hospital ?

Ross;The Saint hospital where Rydel's at

Stormie;Okay see you their .

Vanessa;So ?

Ross;Their coming .

Vanessa;I hope Riker's okay

Laura;He's okay trust me .

Vanessa;Isn't that ratliff ?

Ross;Yes. Ratliff !

Ratliff;Oh hey guys what are you doing here ? you know you can just walk in Rydels room .

Laura;Were not here cause of rydel


Ross;Okay I'm gonna tell you something just don't tell Rydel


Ross;Would you like to tell him ness.?

Vanessa;No I think you should

Ratliff;Jesus Christ just tell me already where's Riker anyway ?

Ross;He's here because he got in a car accident

Ratliff;Is he okay?

Ross;No he's in serious conditions right now

Ratliff;God dammit !Okay keep me updated I'm gonna go back with delly *heads back*



Rydel;You okay?

Ratliff;I'm okay why?

Rydel;I don't know you look sad .

Ratliff;Where's Rosalie ?

Rydel;The nurse just took her back since I finished breast feeding her


Rydel;What's wrong?

Ratliff;I can't lie to you ,the person we saw a while ago getting rushed into a room was riker

Rydel;haha good joke Ratliff

Ratliff;I'm not joking I would never play around like this , Riker got in a car accident

Rydel;This is all my fault . I should've just forgave him .... *starts crying*

Ratliff;No delly don't cry please remember princesses never cry

Rydel;Ratlliff Riker is in here because of me

Ratliff;No sweetie no I guarantee you he's going to be okay

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