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Chapter 311;

The Next Morning

Ross's POV
I woke up next to laura which was great so I cuddled up a bit more to her . I was thinking . in a way it was strange that Ryder didn't cry last night only Rosalie did but that was before we all went to bed. I woke up laura .

Ross;Laurie wake up


Ross;Get up lets go get some breakfast

Laura;I'm lazy I don't want to .

Ross;Please Cmon we also have to check on Ryder because last night he didn't cry which is strange

Laura;True okay fine lets get dressed .


They Get Dressed & Head To Ryder's Room


Laura;Ross wheres Ryder ?

Ross;He's not in his crib

Laura;Do you think the others have him or something ?

Ross;I doubt it cause Rosalie is in here

Laura;Ross do you think they took him ?

Ross;I don't know .. *softly*

Laura;You know what lets go check

They Go To The Living Room

Riker;Hey guys

Laura;Do you guys have Ryder ?

Lilly;No we all just got out of the rooms

Rydel;Wait why?

Laura;Ryder's missing *crying*

Ratliff;Wait so seeing the window open isn't an incident ?

Ross;What do you mean?

Rydel;Ratliff saw the baby's room window open so he went in to close it . We thought they were both in their wait is Rosalie their ?*panicking

Laura;Rosalie is in their but not Ryder

Vanessa;Woah so Ryder got kidnapped?

Laura;he did ... Ross we gotta find him ...

What's gonna happen ?😱

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