Raura: I will always love you

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(This is my first fanfic sorry if you don't like it😕)

Chapter 1:

(Laura's POV ; Today was the day I moved To LA with Vanessa we decided to live on our own since our parents let us I just hope I make new friends )

(Ross POV ; I saw a huge truck in front of my house I noticed these two cute girls I'm guessing their our new Nieghbors I decided to ignore and watch tv)

Stormie; Ross & Rydel get down here !

Ross & Rydel; yes mom?

Stormie; we have new Nieghbors I want you take them these cookies & invite them for dinner tonight .

Ross; Why can't Rydel do it?

Stormie; don't be lazy !Go help your sister .

Rydel; okay mom we'll be back in 5 minutes .

*Walked across the street*

-knock on door-

Laura; I'll get ! Vanessa keep unpacking the boxes !

*Opens Door*

Laura;Um hello?

Rydel; hi my name is Rydel Lynch I live down in front of you I just wanted to bring you these cookies & my mom wanted us to invite you over to dinner along with your sister right Ross?

Ross; oh umm yeah she did what's your name?

Laura; my name is Laura & I'm guessing your Ross just like your sister said & I would love to join you Guys for dinner at what time do we show up?

Rydel; at 5:30

Laura;okay I'll see you later

Ross; okay bye

(Ross POV; she's beautiful I've never seen a girl like her although she didn't seem to recognize me very well )

Rydel; Ross ! earth to Ross !

Ross; oh yes Rydel sorry I was thinking .

Rydel ; you have a crush on Laura ?

Ross; no I don't ! Let's go get ready for dinner

(Laura's POV; that guy Ross couldn't keep his eyes off me oh well,I gotta tell Vanessa we got invited to dinner over at the Lynch's )

Laura;Nessa we got invited to dinner !

Vanessa; by who?

Laura; the Nieghbors that live in front of us they said if we wanted to join them for dinner & I said sure .

Vanessa; okay at what time?

Laura; at 5;30

Vanessa; we better get ready it's 3:40

Laura; okay

(Sorry if it sucked 😔I'll update more tomorrow (: )

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