Raura;The letter

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Chapter 20;

Ross;Okay I'll read it to you


Ross;okay here it goes

The letter;

Dear Laura,
Well what can I say. The smile on your face brightens up my day. The sparkle on your eyes tells me your in love. When ever you need a shoulder to cry on mine will be ready . Whenever your down count on me to brighten up your day. if you ever need a friend just know I'll be here . Where ever I am just know I'll be thinking about you . I know for a fact that your too busy to focus on me . When I saw you my life changed. When I talked to you I felt alive. When I pecked you on the lips I felt sparks . Since day 1 I've been writing this . you mean so much to me Laura . I can say that your the one your my happiness , my princess, my queen , my soulmate , my other half , my everything cause I know you & I belong together. No matter how hard our lives get we'll have to face every obstacle . if were together by this time just know I never want to loose you . your what I've been looking for. Your what I want. No matter what I'm going to be by your side. If you ever need a best friend count me as one . If you want to be with me every step of the way go for it. Just know my love towards you will grow per second every day because I know your worth my time . your worth fighting for . you'll be my strength & motivation.

Ross;That was the letter Laura

Laura;*tears in her eyes* Ross did you really mean that?

Ross;I mean everything I say Laura

Raura: I will always love youRead this story for FREE!