twitter | nct by -softbae
twitter | nctby cн-erι colα
❝get out of my dms pls❞ ❝-and lemme get in yo pants instead ;)❞ in which a guy dm's a girl terrible pickup lines on twitter started: july 28th 2018
  • humor
  • jaemin
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pocket sized ➳ nct dream by drtyshorty
pocket sized ➳ nct dreamby ツ
❝i only wanted one, but i ended up having six more.❞ status : on-going [🔁] 》 ranks #1 on renjun #1 on jisung #1 on jeno #1 on pocketsized © drtyshorty 2018 All Rights...
  • kpop
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  • chenle
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idol | Haechan by Lin-Liiiiiiiin
idol | Haechanby Len-Len🌌🌙
ɪᴅᴏʟ Being an idol is never an easy job or career. It has alot of steps and stages in doing so. Before you even become a trainee, you audition first to see if you're cap...
  • leehaechan
  • nct127
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Diamond : Choi Youngjae by jjakbbam
Diamond : Choi Youngjaeby andi
"Like a diamond, he's a precious gem. Beautiful but extremely difficult to break." ▪ Highest Ranking : #880 in Fanfiction
  • baekahyeon
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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Stigma | Mark Lee by euneunicorn
Stigma | Mark Leeby Eun
Johnny's little sister Seo Min Jee or "Jenny" came from Chicago to spend time with her older brother for the summer in South Korea. She was supportive of her b...
  • leeminhyung
  • nctfanfic
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lie <3 markhyuck  by lostenkei
lie <3 markhyuck by el !
you love to lie and i love to believe it. in which donghyuck thinks he is cursed with one-sided love but he's not.
  • johnny
  • nct
  • jaehyun
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Band Aids || Mark Lee by Dongyucks
Band Aids || Mark Leeby Jay
- She never knew giving a boy a band aid would lead to this - Gang! Au #1 in Mark #6 in kpop Thank you guys!!
  • jaemin
  • wattys2018
  • nct
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After School | Markjinson by lucastiddymilk
After School | Markjinsonby chan's bbyboy
Mark Tuan and Park Jinyoung both feel incredibly attracted to their new teacher, Jackson Wang. What would the boys do to get recognized by their teacher? "Control t...
  • bambam
  • kimyugyeom
  • kpopfanfic
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Wanna Chat? by wannabe224
Wanna Chat?by Momo
Mark is in the hospital for an eating disorder and his friend got him a chatting app on his phone to entertain him when he's bored. He meets Jackson on there... Sequel:...
  • got7
  • probably
  • kpop
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baby chan┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
baby chan┃markhyuckby bogsie
╻one big happy family╹ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
  • donghyuck
  • haechan
  • norenmin
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It's complicated. {Na Jaemin ff} by NaJaemin_Nana
It's complicated. {Na Jaemin ff}by NaJaemin_Nana
You always hated Jaemin,there was never really a reason why. But you just didn't like him. You were very close with his best friends so of course, it was a little awkwar...
  • jaemin
  • chenle
  • fluff
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dating hotline | nct. by HALSEYPLANET
dating hotline | rae’s hideout ツ
❝ welcome to the lucky charm hotline. start chatting now! ❞ + sns spin off dedicated to nctツ + sequel available now
  • nctdream
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[SLOW EDIT] This Hidden Marriage by AhnMira
[SLOW EDIT] This Hidden Marriageby ahn
"I'm not going to marry him!" - Emily Lee "It has to be a hidden marriage" - Mark Tuan © All Rights Reserved Written by AhnMira in 2014.
  • marriage
  • beast
  • got7
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Why Him? // Mark Lee by Cathrina_kpopfangirl
Why Him? // Mark Leeby ty.trxck
[NCT Mark Lee X reader] "I hate you." But like they say, The more you HATE, The more you LOVE. Oh, that would be impossible when it comes Mark Lee. The p...
  • nctfanfic
  • marklee
  • kpopfanfic
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thief┃markhyuck by chogiwanese
thief┃markhyuckby bogsie
╻donghyuck stole mark's heart╹ ❀ markhyuck ❀ chogiwanese
  • nctu
  • mark
  • leejeno
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Sudden Twist || NCT Mark Lee by markyonged
Sudden Twist || NCT Mark Leeby 맠툥
Being pregnant at the age of 20 wasn't a plan, especially when the father of your child is a 16-year old boy. This story contains Mature content such as swearing, sexual...
  • nct2018
  • wattys2018
  • nctdream
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The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson) by RobloxianRobot
The Only Omega (GOT7 X Jackson)by PepiBrownie桃心树
When the weakest Omega was pregnant by one of the strongest alpha. Warning: Male Pregnancy Smut Kinks The worst ABO story you have ever seen as it is not logical
  • jackam
  • jaebum
  • submissivejackson
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MESSAGE  ||  NCT by 00_Baejin_05
"Who is she?" ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ What if you meet someone from Instagram and your members gained interest in her? Will they meet her? Will they be with h...
  • jaemin
  • doyoung
  • kun
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GOT7 Reactions/Scenarios/Imagines by TheMischiefWithin
GOT7 Reactions/Scenarios/Imaginesby Morgan
Not taking requests Weekly updates *Rules in first chapter
  • reactions
  • bambam
  • jinyoung
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My First Love (NCT Mark FF) by BandsAreMyLove
My First Love (NCT Mark FF)by Beagle
Park Eunjin, also known as Vi Park, has had a crush on Mark Lee ever since she fist encountered the boy. It started in Elementary and went on into high school but then h...
  • marklee
  • nctdream
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