Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 11;

Ross;Okay great what store do you want to go to?

Laura;mmm I don't know

Ross;Why don't we just walk around for now & if either one of us sees a store we want to go in we just say it okay?


-With Riker & Vanessa-

Riker;Do you want to get ice cream?


Riker;okay let's go !

-With Ratliff & Rydel-

Ratliff;Rydel do you like any one?

Rydel;Yeah why?

Ratliff;It's cause I like a girl but I can't tell her

Rydel;Practice on me it'll help

Ratliff;Okay Rydel I like you

Rydel;Wait what?

Ratliff;Your the girl I've liked & I still do!

Rydel;Oh my god I don't know what to say

Ratliff;it's okay if you don't feel the same way


*To be continued*

-With Rocky-

(Rocky's POV;well I'm alone yay oh well I'll just continue to look for clothes)

*Ross & Laura*

Laura;So Ross how has your life been here in LA


Laura;That's nice are you crushing on anyone?



Ross;You , I know it's weird because we just met


-To Be Continued-

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