Things Like This Happen

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Chapter 307;

A Few Hours Later

Ross;So do you think they're gonna be here already?

Laura;Yeah I believe so .


Knock At The Door

Laura;and their here .


Ross opens the door

Riker;Hey guys

Rocky;About time I got tired of being cramped up in that car with Rydellington next time get a room guys !

Ratliff;Oh shut your mouth Rocky we didn't tell you nothing when you were eating up Lilly


Rocky;That's a different story !

Ryland;Oh shut up guys . wheres Laura ?

Ross;She's making dinner for you guys just come in get your bags and bring them in

Vanessa;Yay okay

Lizbeth;Did you tell laura about ness ?

Savannah;Or did you forget ?

Ross;I was going to when something interrupted

Vanessa;What happened?

Ross;Come in though

They All Head Inside

Ratliff;Hey Laurie where can I put melody ?

Laura;About time I here you guys call her by her middle name and put her in the room with Ryder just go up then give a left

Ratliff;okay thanks I'll be back

Lilly;Did anything bad happen while we were out?


Savannah;What happened ?

Ross;Technically Hope texted Laura to stay away from me or else shed hurt Ryder . Laura technically listened that's why she acted that way just so we would all believe it

Riker;and we technically did


Ryland;So you made up?


Rydel;That's great I'm happy for you .

Laura;Foods ready start eating

Everyone except ross & laura ;Okay

Rocky;Then what happened?

Ross;She showed up here she tried to take Ryder but I lied to her saying to give me Ryder and I would be the father of her baby she fell for it gave Ryder back to us and that's when I told her I wasn't gonna be the father she left mad .

Ratliff Comes Back

Vanessa;At least she didn't do anything to Ryder


Riker;Things Like This Happen

Lilly;Just don't give up that's what Hope wants to see that you guys wouldn't try no more and let her get in between .

Savannah;Yeah exactly what Lilly said

Lizbeth;You guys aren't alone that's why Rocky ,Ryland , Rydel , and Riker are here including Vanessa , Savannah , Lilly , and me to help you guys out .

Rydel;You know where to find us little bro never be scared to ask us for help . Don't you and laura want to be happy? I'm pretty sure you guys do .

Laura;Well yeah but people keep getting in the way

Ryland;Just fight

Rocky;Keep going

Riker;Don't give up

Rydel;it's gonna be worth it at the end

Ratliff;you guys have a baby already . You guys need our support .

Savannah;With no one bothering you two anymore just let us help you remember we're family like your dad says family is family no matter what happens

Lilly;and were here to help you just give us a chance

Ross & Laura;*exchange looks*


Ross;Well let you guys help us

Riker;Thank you laura we have something to tell you

Laura;Who ?

Vanessa;Riker and I

Laura;Lets hear it

Riker;For starters our wedding is gonna be in 3 weeks


Vanessa;And well I'm pregnant

Laura;oh my god congrats you too

Riker;Thanks Laura

Vanessa;I told you she wouldn't freak out


Awe they told laura about Nessa being pregnant😝 . What should be the gender ? 😋 I hope you enjoy .Remember don't forget to smile 😉☺️.

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