Day Before The Wedding

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Chapter 369;

(Day before the wedding)

Laura;(putting Ross's clothes in a bag)

Ross;Is it really necessary for me to go?

Laura;of course , in every wedding the bride & the groom can't have any contact

Ross;but who will I hug at night ?

Laura;you can sleep Ryder with you

Ross;True but it won't be the same as if it were you .

Laura;It's just for one night

Ross;I won't make it

Laura;Cmon Ross I know you can

Ross;(sighs)fine then at least tomorrow you'll become a lynch

Laura;Yes I know something you've always been wanting

Ross;Hell yeah

Laura;(smiles)see , now I left you 3 bottles for Ryder I already fed him so you make sure to put them in the fridge though give him one in like 3 hours then another tomorrow morning & don't forget to burp him from their you take the 3rd to the reservation .

Ross;Okay I got it . so when am I gonna leave ?

Laura;I have no idea (wraps her arms around his neck)

Ross;So cute you still have to tippy toe

Laura;Yes I know

Ross;It's adorable though you know I think we make a great couple , most of our Raura shippers think so

Laura;Raura shippers?

Ross;oh yeah we grew a fan base of Raura shippers that want us together which we are & they know that tomorrow's our wedding (a/n imagine if this was true , I would freak out)

Laura;I see , wait how'd they find out ?

Ross;Riker & Rydel

Laura;Kinda figured

Riker;(yells)Ross time to go

Ross;(yells back)I'll be their in a minute

Laura;There's your cue

Ross;(groans) I don't want to go

Laura;You have to if you want the wedding to happen (kisses him)

Ross;(kisses back)

Laura;(pulls away)at least tomorrow we'll celebrate a special day

Ross;That's true well come down with me


Ross & Laura;(head downstairs)

Rocky;Okay Gator , Gus , Gil B , Boston , Gordy you ready to go?

Gordy;Yes we are

Gil B;Why does Beauty get to stay?

Boston;because all the boys go with Ross & the rest . Than all the girls stay with Laura

Gus;That makes more sense well yeah we're ready (they exit out)

Mark;Okay kids get in the van I gotta say bye to my wonderful wife

Ross;Gross !

Stormie;Shut it ross

Ross;(chuckles)I'm kidding mom

Mark;You better be .

Riker;Bye Nessa (pecks Vanessa's lips & exits out)


Rocky;I'll see you tomorrow Lilly (walks out)

Lilly;Okay bye (pecks his cheek)

Ryland;I'll see you tomorrow Savannah I'll text you

Rydel;Make sure to take Ross's phone away


Savannah;I'll be waiting for your text

Ryland;Okay (leaves)

Ross;Bye laura by girls


Ross;(gets Ryder & leaves)

Mark;Okay take care girls

Stormie;Keep an eye out for all the phones you know how ross is

Mark;(chuckles) okay . See you tomorrow laura . Tomorrow's your big day ! (Waves goodbye & leaves)

Beauty;I'm tired

Laura;It's only 8

Beauty;I know

Stormie;We all better go shower for tomorrow

Vanessa;Luckily Laura's & Rydel's house has a lot of bathrooms


Savannah;Well let's go

(They all go shower)

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