Was it intentionally?

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Chapter 338;

Stormie;Okay guys help clean up .

Ross;but we aren't done

Mark;your mother & I want some rest were gonna go back home when your done all you go back home

Rydel;Okay you can rest well clean up

Ross;Okay I'm gonna put ryder Inside

Rydel;If you want ratliff can watch him because he's gonna watch Rosalie

Ross;Are you sure?

Ratliff;Yeah man it's no problem don't worry


Vanessa;Well the rest of the crew will get the cleaning supplies

Riker;Well the broom is here you all can get the stuff like the bags and some tools to take down the stage along with some rags so we can clean the table

Rocky;You and laura can stay here while the rest of us go get the stuff

Lilly;well let's start

Riker;Okay hurry back

The rest go back inside

Laura;What are you gonna do ?

Riker;I'm gonna fold the chairs take down the table and fold the table back

Laura;Okay I'll sweep


Laura & Riker start doing what they were doing until Laura accidentally tripped over a chair .Riker catches her in time but they both fall this time Riker fell on top of laura & he was just staring in her eyes then kissed her she kissed back until someone yelled his name

Ross;Riker what the hell !

Riker;Its not what it looks like dude you gotta believe me *gets off laura & helps her up*

Ross;So we all leave then I come back to see you on top of Laura ? Then You kissed her ? What the fuck also you Laura instead of telling him to get off your their under him .

Laura;Ross were not gonna go through this again ! This has happened already .

Ross;I don't wanna hear about it *yells*

everyone walks outside

Rydel;What's going on here .? Why are you yelling?

Ross;Why don't you ask Riker & laura

Vanessa;What happened rik ?

Riker;Laura was sweeping she accidentally tripped over a chair I caught her in time but we both fell on top of each other . I was on top of her I was staring in her eyes and I kissed her


Riker;I'm sorry

Vanessa;*slaps him*how could you !

Riker;You've done this to me too more than 1x !

Vanessa;Yeah but in accident

Laura;This was an acc-

Vanessa;Shut it I don't wanna hear you either !

Ryland;Okay calm down


Vanessa;I can't believe you guys ! *leaves crying*

Rydel;Wow .

Ross;I'm out of here ! *storms off*

Lilly;Was it intentionally?

Riker;It was intentionally

Laura;I didn't mean too

Lilly;Try to talk to them

Rocky;You should let them cool down

Rydel;On the mean time lets just finish up .


Laura;Rocky *crying*

Rocky;Hey it's okay . We understand ross did that same mistake too but you had to think . Vanessa is pregnant & she's engaged with Riker .

Laura;why did this happen so soon again?

Rocky;I don't know let's just hurry up

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