Jealous much?

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Chapter 108;

Rydel;I'm gonna talk to Ross I'll be back

Ratliff;okay Hun be careful

Rydel;Thanks I'll be back in like 5-7 minutes

*Rydel walks upstairs*

{Rydel knocks on Ross's door}

Rydel;Ross can I come in?


*Rydel walks in*

Ross;What's up?

Rydel;Why did you seem pretty pissed off when Riker & Laura got together ?

Ross;It's cause I still like Laura. I didn't think she would have gotten with Riker. *writing in his notebook* anyway is that all you wanted to talk about?

Rydel;So your jealous that their together?*smirks*

Ross;Yes I am.

Rydel;But why ? I mean aren't you happy with Vanessa ?

Ross;Yes I'm happy with her but I still have huge feelings for Laura *stares at his picture frame with Laura in it*

Rydel;I remember that picture why do you still have it ? won't Vanessa get mad?

Ross;No she has one of Riker still in her room .

Rydel;Why are you 2 together if you still like your ex's?._.

Ross;Cause I don't know I never thought Laura would come back but I was wrong & when she came back she pushed me aside

Rydel;Look Ross either stick with Vanessa or just forget about Laura you have 2 choices

Ross;I'll stick with Vanessa .
*Keeps writing in his notebook*

Rydel;What are you writing?

Ross;A song

Rydel;Can I see?


*Hands her the notebook*


Song (half)~
Hey girl, I really wanna let you know
Your style, it's something that's so natural
You laugh, and everyone around you stops
Your smile, I wish you knew just what you got
And don't be scared to show me something real
We'll never know holding back what we feel
I'm into you, so tell me you feel the same
And that's all it takes 'cause

Oh, girl you could be mine
Girl you could be mine
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime
So open your heart
Open up your heart

Show me who you are
Show me who you are
Show me who you are
So open up your heart
And show me who you are

Rydel;Wow Ross this is really beautiful! is it done?

Ross;No I still need more can you guys help me out I wanna sing it to Vanessa

Rydel;Sure we'll just tell the rest oh wait but how are we gonna do it if Rocky isn't here?

Ross;Can you umm at least get Laura to learn the song melody & she can play .

Rydel;I'll tell her

Ross;Okay thanks !!

Rydel;No problem.

Ross;Alright let's get back to the subject

Rydel;Well yeah I mean just follow your heart .

Ross;Thanks *hugs her*

Rydel;Well imma get going *walks out of the room & heads down stairs*

Riker;What happened?

Rydel;Nothing we just talked

Ratliff;That's nice

Rydel;Okay so Ross wrote a song for Vanessa & he wants us to help him you know like a surprise

Riker;I'm surely glad to help *Fake smiles*

Laura;Yeah me too *kinda jealous*

Ratliff;How are we going to do it if Rocky isn't here

Rydel;Well that's why we have Laura she can take his place

Laura;I don't think I'll be able to play that well . wait you guys write music ?

Rydel;Yeah were off right now we play shows

Riker;Yeah our band is R5

Laura;I didn't know that

Ratliff;Now you know that's why theirs a lot of instruments in this house.

Laura;That explains it.

Riker;yeah *kisses her forehead*


Ross , Laura , & Riker jealous ? not good :/ well hope you enjoyed :D

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