Wedding Ceremony/Party

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Chapter 371;

(With the guys)

Mark;Guys your mother texted she said to head to the reservation


Riker;Okay let's go kids get in the van

Ross;hold on I think I need to puke

Ryland;Gross !

Ross;I'm just nervous

Rocky;loosen up a bit man everything will be fine .

Gilbert;Were gonna get a head start we'll see you over their

Mark;Do you need the address ?

Rocky;No it's fine dad I gave it to them already

David;okay bye guys we'll see you in a bit (leaves with Gilbert)

Ratliff;well we should start getting in the van

Ross;yeah (gets Ryder)

Mark;Lets go

Ross;Remember dad stay outside & wait for Laura since your walking her down the isle

Mark;I didn't forget

Ryland;Okay I got the van started lets go

(They get on the van & start heading to the reservation)

Laura;Oh dear lord I'm so nervous

Photographer;okay we're gonna go already we'll see you at the reservation

Rydel;We already went over this stop being nervous

Vanessa;Okay beauty is done

Laura;you girls look stunning

Lilly;You look very beautiful

Laura;thank you

Savannah;Well let's get going

Laura;Cmon beauty lets go


Vanessa;This is so exciting

(They get in the limo Riker rented for them & start heading to the reservation)

Ross;I'm gonna go in already I'll see you guys in a bit .

Mark;okay son remember everything will be okay

Ross;thanks dad (takes a deep breathe & heads inside)

(15 minutes later)

Stormie;Oh my ,boys you look amazing

Riker;Thanks mom so where's Vanessa ?

Vanessa;hey Riker

Rocky;wow lilly you look amazing

Lilly;thanks Rocky you look handsome

Ratliff;Woah delly

Rydel;Where's Rosalie ?

Ratliff;My mom has her along with ryder

Laura;hey guys

Ryland;You look beautiful Savannah & so do you Laura

Savannah;Thanks ry

Laura;Thank you ry ry

(The church bells start ringing & the music starts)

Laura;Well I guess it's time (nervous)

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