Shopping for the perfect ring

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Chapter 132;

*They head to a jewelry store*

Riker;Okay help Laura with the crutches

Ross;I got her *gets Laura's crutches*

Laura;Thanks *pecks his lips*

Ross;No problem

Rydel;Hurry guys

Ross;Excuse me Rydel but Laura is in crutches don't rush her

Rydel;Oh yeah I forgot sorry Laurie

Laura;*laughs* it's okay

Riker;Okay c'mon

*They walk in*

Man;Hello how may I help you today?

Riker;I'm looking for a proposal ring

Man;ahh wait aren't you that guy from R5?No way you 3 are from R5 my daughter is a huge fan


Man;Wait your getting married ?

Riker;Umm well I'm planning on to

Man;Okay c'mon let me show you some rings

Laura;Alright let's see

Man;Who are you?

Laura;I'm a friend

Rydel;Can you just show us the rings & stop asking us questions I don't want to be rude we just have to hurry

Man;No problem come here

*They head to a counter*

Man;What type of ring would you like ?

Riker;Any as long as it's perfect

Man;Okay let's see how about this one?

{The man pulls out a ring with a pink diamond in the middle & the rest were tiny diamonds}

Riker;No it's not it can you show me more ?

Man;Yes no problem


{The man pulls out a ring with a huge diamond}

Riker;No I don't like that one either

Laura;Riker okay look at this one
*shows him the ring*

Riker;That ones perfect

{Laura pulled out a really nice ring with a lot of diamonds which Riker loved}

Riker;I'll take that one

Man;Good choice

Ross;That one is really nice

Rydel;She'll love it

Man;Okay so let's get down to business


{Riker bought the ring}

{They get out of the jewelry store}

Ross;She's gonna love it

Riker;I hope so

Rydel;Trust she is

Laura;I'm so happy for you guys

Rydel;Let's go home to plan out where Riker's proposal will be at

Riker & The rest;Okay


I will post a picture of the ring on Instagram if you want to see here's the username @r5_4life__ hope you enjoy (:

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