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Chapter 119;

Laura;*shouts* Ross !

{Ross turns}

Laura;*shouts*come !!

{Ross heads towards Laura & sits}

Laura;What are you up to?

Ross;Nothing I was just walking around

Laura;Oh that's nice .

Ross;Yeah so ..

Laura;Umm want to go home? I'm kinda tired

Ross;Sure let's go let me text Riker telling him that were heading home.


*Ross texts Riker*

Ross;Let's go

[Ross & Laura head home]

Laura;Finally . alright goodnight Ross.


*They head to their rooms*

~2 hours later~

Laura's dream

Tv reporter;It's just come to shock that people have passed away in a airplane explosion while it was heading to LA the people that have passed away are Jacky , Ellen , Damiano , Hazel , Mary , David , & Derek . it's sad to hear that a married couple died along with 5 Teenagers . this tragedy happened at 3 in the morning . Many people are injured .

(Laura wakes up)

Laura;*Sweating* ahhhh !!! *breathing heavily* it was just a dream

*Gets out of bed & heads to Ross's room*

Laura;*whispers* Ross


Laura;Ross please wake up

Ross;Oh it's you what's wrong ? why are you up ? *whispers*

Laura;Can I sleep with you ? please ? I had a bad dream

Ross;sure *makes room for Laura*

Laura;thanks *lays down*

Ross;No problem * hugs her*

Laura;I feel safe around you

Ross;Well like I said I'll always protect you no matter what my Laur I love you

Laura;You still love me?

Ross;Yes my 1st love . I haven't forgotten about you . *kisses her forehead*.

Laura;Wow Ross i'd thought you forgot about me .



Ross;*breaths on Laura's lips*

Laura's POV

Oh my god I feel Ross lips near mine what do I do ? I can't believe he might kiss me .

Laura;*gets closer*

Ross's POV

Should I kiss her? yes I'm gonna start leaning In I can't believe I'm gonna kiss her. I forgot the taste of her lips . I'm going for it

Ross;*leans in & kisses laura*

Ross's & Laura's POV

Oh my god I can't believe were kissing I felt butterflies all over again .

Laura;*kisses back*

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