Raura;Ratliff's POV

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Chapter 74;

Ratliff's POV

I can't go to Paris because my old friend Stephanie is their her last text was that she was going to fight for me because she likes me . I have Rydel though I honestly wouldn't trade her for nothing. if Stephanie wants to do something to her might as well warn her brothers before something actually happens to her & I can't let that happen because Rydel really has my heart . I can't put her through pain. I know that Stephanie will look for me & try to make up lies just to be with her. I'm not going to fall for it I just hope this trip goes really amazing . I don't want nothing to ruin it not even Stephanie . If she does something to my princess she will suffer but I can't do nothing to her because I'm a guy. wait Laura & Vanessa can help me out if she does do something to her. well let's just keep our fingers crossed that she won't hurt her or her family including the Maranos . which are pretty much awesome people to be around with . I was thinking if I should give Rydel the present I bought her when she thought I was cheating on her it was for her to forgive me . I can give it to her when we go to Paris In a nice romantic way. That sounds great but I'm going to have to ask Vanessa & Laura to help me because I know her brothers will give it out & will end up giving out what I've planed.


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