Here We Go

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Chapter 251;

Ross;Ugh what's taking them so long ?

Riker;I don't know guys

Rocky;I'm getting worried

Ryland;same here guys

Laura;Guys i'm pretty sure Rydel is okay

Ratliff Walks in

Ratliff;Hey guys come id like you to meet someone

Riker;oh my god how exciting

They Head To The Room

Ratliff;Okay guys here's the person I'd like you to meet , Rosalie Melody Ratliff *holding her*

Rocky;Oh my god she's so adorable

Ross;Awe that's cute . Congrats guys .

Laura;She's so precious

Riker;You did good baby sis .

Rydel;Thanks riker , I'm just exhausted giving birth is tougher than I thought

Rocky;Well we just need laura

Laura;Guys ! shut up now I'm scared

Ross;Don't worry I'll be by your side no matter what

Rocky;Can I hold my niece?


Ryland;How long are you staying here ?

Rydel:Friday & Saturday

Ross;Damn so Ratliff has to finish the room ?

Rydel;No it's done already we finished all he needs to fix is the crib , we only painted the 2 walls

Ross;Don't worry rat boy I'll help you out

Riker;Can I sleep over your guys house?

Ross;Sure just ask mom

Riker;Okay mom can I sleep over Ross's house ?

Stormie;Sure honey

Mark;Go get some clothes back at home


Rocky;drive safe

Laura;I'm gonna sit down


Stormie;Rosalie is literally the cutest she has Ratliff's eyes & nose

Mark;She has Rydel's lips & hair

Ross;She's precious

Ryland;Okay is anyone using that extra bed here ?

Rydel;I don't think so

Ryland;Okay great I'm gonna take a nap ,wake me up when we're leaving


Ross;Can Laura hold Rosalie?


Mark;I'll be down in the cafeteria

Stormie;I'll go with you

Ross;Laur want to hold Rosalie ?


Ross;Here *hands Rosalie*

Laura;She's so tiny

Ross;I know right

With Riker

Riker's POV

As I arrived home I saw a person standing on the front porch . I got out of my car , well guess who it was ? yup Vanessa .

Riker;What are you doing here ?

Vanessa;I came to talk to Laura I thought she'd still be here

Riker;She's in the hospital

Vanessa;Why did something happen to her ?

Riker;No Rydel gave birth , everyone is their .

Vanessa;That's nice did she have a boy or girl?

Riker;she had a girl

Vanessa;That's cute , do you know what Laura's baby gender is.?


Vanessa;Just asking , well anyway what are you doing here ?

Riker;I came to get extra clothes cause I'm gonna stay over at Laura's house

Vanessa;Oh so now it's Laura's house?

Riker;I guess well yeah

Vanessa;I didn't want to talk about that , Riker look I love you . I honestly regret everything I've done to you .

Riker;Here we go , look Vanessa I don't feel nothing for you anymore. I'm over you I'm interested in someone else . I'm pretty sure that girl won't take me for granted the same way you did.

Vanessa;I make mistakes , anyways who's this girl now?

Riker;Her name is Kate .

Vanessa;I thought it was that other girl from NY

Riker;No she wasn't the one. So now if you excuse me I'm gonna get going . look Vanessa don't take it the wrong way but , just leave already . I really don't want to be near you right now at these points so bye.


Hey guys

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