Raura;Fun Day

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Chapter 16;
*Knock at door*

Ratliff;I'll get it !


Riker;Are you guys gonna want food after this?

Ross;Yeah sure

Rocky;We should order Chinese food

Riker;Okay & pizza


-At the door-

Ratliff;Hey guys


Vanessa;can we come in? so we can change

Ratliff;Yeah sure

Rydel;Hey girlies get dressed in my room if you want

Vanessa & Laura;Okay

-In rydels room-

Laura;Well let's get this started

Vanessa;Ooo girl that looks cute on you !

Laura;*Laughs* you look hot though !

Vanessa;Why thank you

Laura;You be looking good for Riker !

Vanessa;No Laura I like him but he doesn't like me...

Laura;You never know

Vanessa;Let's just go their probably waiting for us

Laura;Wait I'm nervous !

Vanessa;Let's just go c'mon don't be shy

Laura;Okay fine

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