Raura;Ross & Anna

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Chapter 48;

*With Ross*

-Texts Anna-

Ross;Can you come over?

Anna;Right now?

Ross;Yeah so can you?

Anna;Yeah I'll be their in 5


{Anna arrives}

-Knock at the door-

Ross;Hey come in


Ross;Wow your a mess let me fix you up *gets the first aid kit*

Anna;Thanks Ross but you don't have too

Ross;I don't care c'mon

Anna;Okay so why did you invite me over isn't your girlfriend going to attack me?

Ross;No we broke up

Anna;*grins* oh that sucks

Ross;I guess

Anna;So ....

Ross;So how you feeling

Anna;Good I guess


Anna;Yeah so where is she?

Ross;At her house with my brothers & sister

Anna;They left you?

Ross;Yes apparently I'm the bad guy for protecting you

Anna;Well you did good


*Anna leans in & Kisses him*

Ross;Anna would you like to be my girlfriend ?

Anna;Well sure Rossy I love you

Ross;Awe okay

Anna;I'm tired can we go to sleep?


-With Laura & the rest-

Laura;God dammit I forgot my phone at your house

Riker;why don't you go get it

Laura;Rydel come with me ?

Rydel;Sure just change

Laura;Okay *changes & goes back downstairs*



{They head to the Lynch's house}

Rydel;*opens the door* where did you leave it at ?

Laura;Ross's room let's go


Laura;*walks in Ross's room & sees him with Anna*

Rydel;What the hell is this !?


{To be continued.....}

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