Raura;Movie Time & Food

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Chapter 18;

Laura;When are we going to eat ?

Rocky;When the Chinese food & pizza get here .

Ross;it's going to be a while though

Vanessa;yeah we know

Riker okay guys can I have your attention

Vanessa;For what?

Riker;Don't worry about it


Riker;*Faces towards Vanessa* okay I know I've met you just about 1 or 2 days ago you've caught my attention since the day you came to dinner I can't control the feelings I have towards you , you drive me crazy your just so beautiful I can't help it Vanessa Marano would you do me the honor of being my one & only girlfriend? *opens a box*

Vanessa;*eyes get watery*Riker I'm speechless that necklace must've cost a lot & I'd be honored to be your girlfriend

Rydel;Awe omg you guys that was beautiful !

Ross;Congrats bro !

Rocky;I'm very happy for you

-Stormie & Mark walk down-

Stormie;Were going on vacation to Hawaii for a week & were taking Ryland okay guys? You better behave by the way congrats to all you guys !

Riker;Thanks mom I love you please be careful & of course I'll be in charge you can count on me !

Mark;Okay bye guys behave well !

*they leave*

Ratliff;Do you guys wanna watch a movie ?

Laura;Yeah sure !

*knock at door*

Ross;Foods here I'll go get the money

Riker;Do you guys want to watch The Call?

Laura;Omg yes I've wanted to see that movie

Ross;No I want to watch Romeo & Juliet

Rocky;Well watch that one tomorrow besides your always watching it !


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