Raura;Getting things ready

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Chapter 39;

-With Vanessa &Laura-

An hour later

Lady;What do you think?

Laura;Oh my god I love it

Vanessa;Okay Laura woahhh you look hot!

Laura;*giggles* Vanessa you would

Vanessa;Don't worry I'll pay !

Laura;You sure?

Vanessa;Yes !

Laura;Okay then I'll buy the frozen yogurt !

Vanessa;Okay let's go look for a dress though


-With Ross & the rest-

Rydel;Okay perfect guys !

Riker;Okay what else ?

Ross;Can you please do a banner that says "Laura + Ross = Forever"

Rydel;On it ! What's her favorite color again?

Ross;Red !

Rocky;Okay the DJ set is set now what else?

Ross;Okay go get the basket of fruit & set it here in the table !

Rocky;On it

Riker;Damn little bro you sure know how to set a date

Ross;Well Riker I really like this girl she's the best thing that's happened to me

Rydel;What color do you want the banner?

Ross;Blue please sis?

Rydel;Anything for you baby bro.

Ross;Thank you guys so much I love you guys !

Ratliff;The cookies are out of the oven

Rocky;Great I brought the basket !


Rydel;I made heart shaped cookies for you guys !(:

Ross;awe thank you *hugs her*

Riker;Ross anything else?

Ross;Yes can you hang some hearts from the balcony?

Riker;Sure bro !

(I wanna give a shoutout to @EmpyHodge for always reading my story thank you so much♥️)

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