That was rude

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Chapter 214;

Ross;Hey you okay ?

Laura;Yeah why wouldn't I be ?

Ross;I don't know maybe cause you got out of the room when they told Rydel the news.

Laura;Okay I'm upset . I lost my baby Ross . I really wanted that baby I'm just sad but I'm happy her baby is okay

Ross;Like I said we can try

Laura;I know

Ross;Let's go back


They head back to the room

Rydel;Hey you okay ?


Riker;Why are you so upset that you lost your baby ?

Laura;Does it matter to you ?

Rocky;Woah guys chill where in a hospital

Riker;Shut up Rocky

Stormie;Hey Riker stop

Ross;Riker dude what's wrong with you ?

Riker;Nothing just seems to me that Laura is jealous that Rydel is gonna have a baby & she's not cause her dumbass lost it

Ross;What the fuck Riker stop !

Riker;No it's the truth no one sent her to make a big deal about you kissing Cassandra

Ratliff;Hey stop if your gonna act this way get out

Mark;Stop being so rude !

Laura;He's right *leaves crying*

Stormie;Wow Riker that was rude!

Ross;I hate you ! *leaves*

Mark;I'd like to have a word with you outside now


They head to the hallway

Mark;Spill it .why are you acting this way ?

Riker;I don't know dad I'm upset


Riker;Cause I miss being with Laura

Mark;Woah hold your horses didn't you like Vanessa ?

Riker;I do I just don't mention her that much cause I don't want to remember How much she's hurt me

Mark;Okay look son . I get your hurt by seeing Laura & Ross together but that doesn't mean you should bring up Laura's baby loss into this that was really rude

Riker;I know dad I'm sorry *cries into his shoulder*

Mark;It's okay just don't ever act like that again

Riker;I promise


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