Raura;Lauras POV

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Chapter 67;

Laura's POV

When Ross told me about him being suicidal it killed me inside because knowing that the person I love was about to commit suicide I'm glad I came in time. I know he's messed up one time but every one deserves a second chance . I've never felt like this about anyone he's the only person I trust & knowing he's here for me is amazing because he's like my best friend him & I are a perfect match the first day I laid my eyes on him I knew he was the one . We have so much in common . I'm going to try & write a song for him . He's just gorgeous . I honestly want him to be mine forever . he's what I've been looking for . I'm just scared hell go back to being suicidal . It sucks that he was like that

(I honestly think my book isn't making sense no more 😔)

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