Think About It

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Chapter 356;

Rydel;Anyway .

Riker;Lets just see what happens if they don't mess with us this whole week than we got nothing to worry about . If they do well we're gonna do something about it .

Ross;Yeah or rather than that just do something about it .Just because they won't do nothing to us for a whole week doesn't mean we have to stay defenseless .

Ryland;Ross has a point .

Laura;Just remember they didn't mess with us constantly when they did they got us by surprise.

Vanessa;& we don't know if their done getting their revenge .

Ross;Think about it . She put laura through so much . Plus kidnapped Rydel .

Ratliff;You never know who their coming after now . I think their done with Laura & Rydel .

Riker;I kinda have a slight clue of what they want .


Riker;It's obvious . The last time they got Rydel they told her they wanted the baby dead , not only hers but Laura's too .

Laura;They won't get near my son or Rydel's daughter .

Ratliff;We won't let it happen .

Ryland;Are we gonna tell Rocky ?

Riker;When he's good & comes out well tell him

Vanessa;Why not now ?

Ross;Because we don't know how he'll handle it . I mean sure she didn't do no harm to him but he did too Rydel. We're all very over protective with her .

Laura;We kinda figured .

Rydel;That's my brothers for you .

Vanessa;(chuckles) lets just see what will happen .

Ratliff;yeah (carrying Rosalie)

Rosalie;(sucking on her thumb)

Ratliff;Are you hungry Rosalie ?

Rosalie;(looks at Ratliff)

Ratliff;I think you are .

Rydel;(smiling at both of them)

Ross;Your a good father Ellington

Ratliff;Thanks I try my best .

Rydel;cocky much ?

Ratliff;oh be quiet

Rydel;(chuckles) I love you

Ratliff;I love you too (pecks her lips)


Ross;That's cute

Laura;I'm starving

Vanessa;So am I


Ryland;I think we all are

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