Getting Down To Business

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Chapter 277;

With The Girls

Rydel;Okay we're all set you girls ready ?

Laura;Yeah we're are we going now ?

Lilly;Why don't we go look for some nice dresses ?

Savannah;Count me in

Vanessa;I'm in .

Rydel;Okay then let's go

They Head To A Store

Vanessa;this dress is cute ! *holds up a blue dress*

Savannah;I think you should get it

Lilly;It'll look good on you

Vanessa;You guys really think so?


Laura;Lets keep looking by the way we only have like 30 more minutes

Vanessa;Okay then let's hurry up

30 minuets later

Riker;Guys I'm nervous

Ross;Don't be play it cool

Ratliff;Rocky & ryland you guys better keep your mouth shut

Rocky;Okay fine I got it

Ryland;Okay be quiet their coming

Laura;Hey guys

The Guys;Hey

Riker;So how was it?

Vanessa;It was pretty fun

Rocky;I'm glad you guys had fun .

Lilly;Yeah spending time with these girls is awesome

Laura;Yeah so are we gonna go home or what?

Ryland;Well let's go

Rydel;Here ratliff give me Rosalie I missed my baby

Ratliff;Okay *gets Rosalie & give her to rydel*

Rydel;Have you fed her ?

Ratliff;Yeah like 10 minutes ago

Rydel;Your a great father

Riker;Do you guys need help with your bags ?

The Girls;Yes

Rocky;Okay then let's get going give us some of your bags

They Get The Bags , Head To The Van & Go Home

Rydel;About time *sits down*

Riker;Oh girls can you get ready ?

Savannah;For ?

Ross;Well we figured to do you guys some dinner you know since we haven't gone on dates or none of that

Ryland;Well cook & you go get ready

Lilly;I don't have clothes

Savannah;Neither do I

Laura;Just wear the ones you guys bought

Lilly;Okay then

Riker;Go get ready

The Girls;Okay

Hey sorry for the boring chapter 😪

I'm sad because one of my favorite baseball athletes died today especially from my favorite team 💔.

Hope you enjoyed though

Stay tuned for Rikers Proposal 💘.

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