Ask Her Out

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Chapter 180;

Laura;I'm going to my room delly

Rydel;Okay Laura

{Laura leaves & Rydel Heads To Ross's Room}

Rydel;*knocks on Ross's door*

Ross;Who is it?

Rydel;It's me Ross open up

Ross;It's unlocked come in

Rydel;*walks in* hey

Ross;Hey what do you want?

Rydel;Clear those tears I have good news for you

Ross;What is it? *sniffs*

Rydel;Turns out Laura likes you & she's willing to give you another chance

Ross;Really? *happy*

Rydel;Yeah but she's counting on me because I told her to give you another chance so don't mess up

Ross;I won't thanks delly you always come through for me

Rydel;No problem that's why I'm here . Ask her out

Ross;I don't know how though

Rydel;Just go to her room & ask her duh .

Ross;I wanted it to be romantic

Rydel;Oh god Ross

Ross;Never mind I'll just do it

Rydel;Okay get going

~Ross heads to Laura's room~

Ross;*knocks on Laura's door*

Laura;Come in


Laura;Oh hey Ross what's up?

Ross;Uhh I Uhh


Ross;Laura Marie Marano will you be my girlfriend ? I promise I won't hurt you . I'm willing to take every risk or I'll do any thing to be back with you please Laura


~To be continued~

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