I Didn't See That Coming

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Chapter 236;

Ross;Okay I liked Royce

Laura;Me too !

Ross;Which one did you like ?

Laura;I liked Ryder too.

Ross;That's a sick name not gonna lie so how about Ryder Royce Lynch ?

Laura;You mean Ryder Royce Marano ? cause you & I aren't married yet duh

Ross;Right my bad haha . okay let's go their probably waiting

They Go Back To The Family Room

Ratliff;hey guys

Ross;Hey okay so we decided what names

Rydel;& they are ?

Ross;Okay so Laura would you like to say it ?

Laura;Sure we picked Royce

Ratliff;Awesome the name I chose !

Ross;& also Ryder

Rocky;Yay my name got chosen

Riker;Awe so what's gonna be the name Ryder Royce ? or Royce Ryder ?

Laura;Royce Ryder

Ross;Yeah speaking of that . Laura ?

Laura;Yeah ross ?

Ross;Oh guys can you pay attention ?


Ratliff;Okay ryland shut up !

Ryland;Fine !

Ross;Okay . Laura I'm sorry for leaving you 5 months ago . When I left all I thought about was you .You were always in my mind. Their wasn't a day where I couldn't stop thinking about you . I remember everything that's happened between us all our ups & all our downs . Now that I came back I realized how much you mean to me & how much I love & need you. I know I'm not doing this formal but *gets in one knee* Laura Marie Marano will you marry me?

Laura;*gasps*oh my god of course I'll marry you .

Rydel;I did not see that coming but awe oh my god congrats you guys !

Riker;Same here . Congrats though

Rocky;So cute !

Ryland;I'm happy for you guys !

Ross;Thanks guys & most of all thank you Laura for accepting

Laura;No don't thank me

Ross;I love you

Laura;I love you too.Wait one question


Laura;How'd you get the ring ?

Ross;Oh don't worry about it

Riker;I'm the only one that knows *winks*

Laura;Okay weirdo

Ross;Well guys what now ?

Rydel;Oh can you guys help me decide what should I call my baby girl?

Riker;Sure what do you guys have so far ?

Ratliff;Its in between Rosalie & Rosie .

Laura;I like Rosalie

Rocky;Me too



Ryland;I like both but I like Rosalie more .

Rydel;Rosalie it is what about a middle name ?

Ratliff;I've been like melody since we have a love for music it represents it

Rydel;Awe I like that . Rosalie Melody Ratliff

Ratliff;I love it

Ross;Awe when's your due date ?

Rydel;Well tomorrow I make 8 months . So my due date is July 8 or 10


Ryland;& you Laura .?



Riker;Yeah September 12 or 15



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