I'm Nervous

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Chapter 358;

(At the wedding dress store)

Rydel;Lets Go .

Laura;Okay .(nervous)

Lady;Hello their .

Stormie;Well hello

Lady;How may I help you today?

Laura;I'm here to look for a wedding dress .

Lady;Okay well I'm gonna help you (smiles) my name is Charlotte . Follow me . (they follow Charlotte) okay take a seat right their ladies while I get some wedding dresses . The fiancé can wait right here I'll be back with one of my helpers

Laura;Thank you .

Lilly;Laura are you okay ?

Laura;I'm fine why?

Lilly;I don't know you just look so nervous

Laura;I'm nervous


Laura;What if the dresses don't fit me?

Vanessa;Your being ridiculous

Savannah;Laura your a very skinny girl you can fit in any dress . Okay stop being nervous.

Laura;Okay fine .

Charlotte;okay so here we are with some dresses . This is gonna be my assistant Amber . We will take you in a fitting room . Where's the fiancé ?

Laura;I'm right here you can call me laura (smiles)

Charlotte;Okay laura you can follow Amber into one of the fitting rooms . the family members can say what they need to say when laura walks out .

Stormie;Yay I'm so excited. (Smiles clapping her hands)

Charlotte;(smiles) okay so right now laura will come out .

(3 minutes later)

Rydel;One question


Rydel;When are we gonna see about the bridesmaids dress ?

Stormie;We don't know you girls gotta ask laura about that .

(Laura walks out with a peach puffy dress with a silver lace)

Laura;What do you think?

Stormie;It's cute ,but it's just too puffy

Rydel;I kinda like it but like mom said it's too puffy .

Laura;Yeah your right I like the design but it's too puffy & besides I don't like the peach color

Amber;Lets get you into dress #2 .

Charlotte;You guys are very calm. Other clients I have had really take this seriously

Vanessa;Your right theirs other women that take wedding dresses way too serious

Charlotte;Yeah (chuckles)

Laura;(walks out with a plain white dress)

Vanessa;Too plain but it looks good on you

Lilly;Yeah it's plain

Savannah;It's nice but it is plain .

Amber;Lets get you in dress #3

Stormie;She looks good in the dresses but the style isn't her type

Vanessa;Yeah but let's see .

Savannah;I think she looks very pretty.

Rydel;Yeah .

(Laura walks out with a white dress that has a type of flower all design with silver)

Stormie;I love this one

Laura;(smiles)yeah so do I

Vanessa;I like how it shows your curves & how it's all right from the top but loos from the bottom

Rydel;yeah it looks really great on you !

Savannah;Wow I'm speechless that dress looks very good on you

Laura;(looks at herself in the mirror) I really love this dress

Charlotte;That dress looks really great on you . It fits you perfectly .

Laura;I'll take this one (smiles)

Charlotte;Okay well let's get it ready

Laura goes back into the fitting room takes off the dress . Goes to the girls & talks to them about the bridesmaids dress Charlotte helped them with the brides maids dresses until they found the one they all liked which was a light pink dress . They got what they needed and paid for everything .

Laura's dress will be on Instagram the user is rauraiwillalwaysloveyou if want to see it make sure to check it out also the bridesmaids dress.

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