Raura;Im sorry

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Chapter 70;

*knock at door*

Rydel;*shouts* come on I-in

Ratliff;*opens door*Can we talk ?

Rydel;F-for Wha-t? you replaced me already

Ratliff;No I didn't Rydel look that girl I texted was my old friend Amanda . she's nothing to me . if I only said that we need a break is because I'm stressing ...

Rydel;On what?

Ratliff;On something you'll find out later


Ratliff;Delly I'm really sorry I didn't mean for none of this to happen Rydel you mean EVERYTHING to me I'm not joking why do think I'm with you ? because I like you . I've been liking you since the longest

Rydel;*sniffs* awe Ratliff your so sweet I'm sorry for over reacting I didn't mean too I'm just scared to loose you

Ratliff;I get it sweetie & it's okay I should be the one apologizing

Rydel;So were good?

Ratliff;Were good !♥️

Rydel;I know it's too early to say this but I love you

Ratliff;I love you too princess

Rydel;awe your the sweetest


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