Rude things in the media site

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Chapter 182;

{They head home}

Ross;I'm going to post this picture of you & I


{Ross posted the picture on Instagram}


My beautiful girlfriend & I today @LauraMarano 😘

•A few moments later he started to get comment•

Laura;Ross I have a lot of followers now .

Ross;Your going viral just kidding

Laura;Yours such a dork

Ross;Oh if anything in the picture we might get rude comments but don't pay attention to them

Laura;Okay *starts looking through the comments*


@rossismybae__;Wtf that's his new girlfriend ? she's super ugly 😖.

@_R5isthelife;she's pretty & you guys make a cute couple

@Officialr5._;Ewe I've seen prettier girls

@Rockyismyking;Wow she's not that pretty

@Ross_is_sexy;she's not even cute or pretty she's ugly !

@Rydel__isthequeen; you guys wtf if you were true R5ers you wouldn't be saying rude things about Ross's girlfriend ! you would be happy & not rant him or say rude things to Laura she's really pretty c: .

@Rydel_Ellingtonn;Wtf she looks disgusting I think I'm gonna throw up

@__R5ismyworld;I've seen prettier girls

@riker__ishawt;she's too skinny 😖.

@ellingtonsbae;eweeee so nasty i think he can do better !

@Ryland_isaqt;She's too skinny & she has big eyes

@R5arethebaed__;She's not even pretty smh Ross you can do better 😑✋.

Ross;Hey babe you okay ?

Laura;Y-yeah why wouldn't I be ?

Ross;Are you sure looks like you want to cry

Laura;Some of your fans are rude

Ross;What do you mean

Laura;Look at the comments in the photo you posted


Laura;Their posting rude things in the media site .

Ross;I'll make a video in a bit babe don't worry & don't cry please baby? it makes me sad

~Rydel walks in~

Rydel;Dude a lot of people are saying rude things about Laura do something about it

Ross;Okay I'm going .


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