Your okay & what a surprise.

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Chapter 155;

Ross;Rydel we missed you

Rydel;yeah I k-kinda figured

Ratliff;I'm glad your okay but you should rest

Riker;Rydel I'm sorry

Laura;Hey it's not your fault

Rydel;D-don't blame y-your self Riker . You & I d-didn't k-know this was gonna happen.

Laura;Delly get your rest


Ratliff;Wow what a mess

~Ross gets a text~

??-I hope you enjoy the last minutes with your "girlfriend" & sister, keep an eye out for them you never know what's coming

-End of text-

Riker-hey Buddy what's wrong ?

Ross;I got a text

Ratliff;From who?

Ross;Unknown # but I have an idea of who it is


Ross;Anna .


Ross;yup .

Ratliff;What she say ?

Ross;She said to keep an eye out for Rydel & Laura cause something's gonna happen to them .

Riker;she's not coming near my sister if she does that bitch is dead

Laura;Don't worry we'll be okay

•Someone knocks•

Ross;Come in

Riker;•turns & gasps•

Ratliff;Oh my god

Ross;Is it really you?......

~To be continued~

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