Getting ready for the date

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Chapter 158;

~They arrive at home~

Ross;I'm gonna get ready

Laura;•sighs• okay .

Ross;What's wrong?



•Ross goes in the shower•

~Laura gets a paper & starts writing~

I like Ross a lot I'm devastated about him going on a date with Lindsay . I'm just stupid . Riker is nice & sweet but not the one for me . Ross is my world & I would do anything to be with him again but not anymore I'm not planning on giving him another chance .

*Laura gets the paper & throws it in the trash but misses*

(Ross comes out & walks to Laura's room)

Ross;Can you help me out ?

Laura;on what?

Ross;On what to wear

Laura;Umm Ross


Laura;*covers her eyes* your towel

Ross;•eyes widen & turns red• I'm sorry

Laura;It's fine well okay go in your room I'll be right their

Ross;Okay .

<Laura walks In Ross's room>

Ross;okay so you can look In my closet

|Starts looking|

Ross;Have found an outfit ?

Laura;Yeah okay wear this white v neck with black jeans & your combat boots along with your beanie

Ross;Wow thanks laur

Laura;No problem

-Ross comes out-

Laura;Not bad pretty boy

Ross;Thanks well I'm gonna go see you later •hugs her•

Laura;•fake smiles• bye

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