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Chapter 123;

Rydel;Okay we're all set

Riker;Wow you sure know how to decorate

Rydel;What can I say well we better start getting ready Laura & Ross will be here any minute


Ratliff;Is Vanessa even done with what she's supposed to do ?

Rydel;I believe so .

Riker;Did you even finish the water balloons & put them in the pool?

Ratliff;Yes look at my fingers their red & they hurt

Riker;Sucks for you buddy . let's go inside

Rydel;Hurry Ross said they'll be here in 20 mins !

Ratliff & Riker; oh shit !!!

*They go in the house*

Rydel;Hurry Vanessa Ross & Laura are coming in 20 mins !!!

Vanessa;Oh my god I'm done let's go

*They all run to their rooms*

{20 mins later}

Rydel;You look cute

Ratliff;Thanks *pecks her lips*

Vanessa;Okay I'm ready

Rydel;Wow you look cute

Riker;Alright guys let's head to the backyard

Vanessa;dayum you look handsome

Riker;Speak for yourself you look cute

Rydel ; aren't you with Laura? *confused*

Riker;No we broke up cause she wanted me to get back with Vanessa & we'll here we are

Ratliff;alright explain later hurry up guys Ross texted he's here c'mon move it !!!!!

{They all run to the back yard}

~With Ross & Laura~

Laura;That was fun thanks for making this day amazing

Ross;No problem c'mon theirs still something waiting for you

Laura;Oh my god okay

Ross;Okay c'mon

*They go in*

Ross;Follow the arrows

Laura;*laughs* wow I'm excited

Ross;Trust me you'll be happy

Laura;Wow okay

*They get to the backyard*


Laura;*shocked* oh my god guys thank you so much

Riker;No problem you deserved it

Laura;awe this is literally the best day ever !!*happy*


Have y'all heard the song Heart Made up on you by r5 😱?? Literally the best song !!!

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