Look I'm Sorry

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Chapter 298;
The Nurse Walks In

Nurse;Hello guys I came to get Ryder & put him with the other babies


Nurse;Did you feed him ?


Nurse;Did you burp him too ?


Nurse;okay then I'll bring him back

Ross;Okay thank you

The Nurse Leaves With Ryder

Ross;Okay I wanted to talk to you

Laura;Didn't we talk already

Ross;yes but I really need to say what I need to say

Laura;I think you already did didn't you ?

Ross;Laura please listen to me .


Ross;Look I'm sorry , I should've never yelled at you that way . I never meant to hurt you by leaving you hanging . I regret it , I have proof that I'm not the father of hope's baby

Laura;I don't care if you have proof because I'm still gonna leave

Ross;*starts to cry*so we had a child , you don't want me to proof to you that I'm not the father of that baby , Your gonna leave me ? Okay I see . Thanks for everything I'll see you around . *leaves*

Riker;*walks in*woah what happened why did ross leave crying?

Laura;because I told him that I'm leaving even if he has proof about him not being a father .

Riker;So your gonna leave your baby without a father ? Look I'm sorry to tell you this but your being stupid about this . Ross loves you . Hope told me straight out that the only reason why she said that was to get at ross . now you let him go ? Just like that ?

Laura;If you were in my position you'd understand !

Riker;Now you're the bad guy here , were just trying to help ross & make you realize that he didn't do nothing but one thing your Ross's happiness . & if ross ends up with Hope because of this its on you

Laura;it's my decision if I want to leave okay ? If I want to leave then let me because I'm tired of getting hurt

Riker;Now you're hurting ross . Think about it , ross wants a happy ending with you laura ! What about your guys wedding is that gonna off now ?

Laura;I don't know

Riker;Don't do this ross is deeply in love with you , I know you are too ! Laura open your eyes ross is your other half , your meant to be .

Laura;I don't know .

Riker;Think about it . *leaves*

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Will Laura actually leave Ross😱? Will the wedding happen?😱
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